Selected Writings


From my emo LiveJournal and through my formal journalism training, writing is how I process what I learn and how to teach it in return.

Requests v. demands, indirect vs. direct language, and responding and ignoring are all ways we communicate our power in daily interactions, even if subconsciously and quietly

Banal binaries: How power plays into how we communicate

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Unfortunately, so many of our tutorials (and media in general) only comes in one form. When our teachings are only provided in one media, in one language, in one *form*, it is inherently inaccessible to some subset of our students.

Let me learn: Provide tutorials in more formats

tutorials performance accessibility

Animations should be an enhancement, not critical to a user's understanding. Use the prefers-reduced-motion media query to help guide your animation principles

prefers-reduced-motion: Taking a no-motion-first approach to animations

tutorials animation accessibility engineering

Empathy gets thrown around a lot as the solution to the world's problems. I think we need to examine what empathy really is. (It's not what you think.)

Compassionate action over empathy