Tatiana Mac is an American engineer who builds inclusive, accessible, and ethical products with thoughtful practices.

An designer engineer who codes.
A writer who reads.
A speaker who listens.

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Selected Writings


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Requests v. demands, indirect vs. direct language, and responding and ignoring are all ways we communicate our power in daily interactions, even if subconsciously and quietly

Banal binaries: How power plays into how we communicate

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Unfortunately, so many of our tutorials (and media in general) only comes in one form. When our teachings are only provided in one media, in one language, in one *form*, it is inherently inaccessible to some subset of our students.

Let me learn: Provide tutorials in more formats

tutorials performance accessibility

Use the prefers-reduced-motion media query to help guide your animation principles

prefers-reduced-motion: Taking a no-motion-first approach to animations

tutorials animation accessibility engineering

We're quick to judge everyone by our own moral compass. Our north star is just that: ours.

On morality, hero worship, and why judgment isn't helpful


Empathy gets thrown around a lot as the solution to the world's problems. I think we need to examine what empathy really is.

Compassionate action over empathy


Activism is not a sprint to a finish; there is no finish, but rather a life-long marathon commitment to showing up every single day. Like running, it requires training and a strategy

Beware of Burnout: Sustainable strategies for activism


In the second instalment of a four part guide, I show you how to install Eleventy—except I walk through each gruelling step.

Beginner's Guide to Eleventy [Part II]

tutorials Eleventy engineering

Black folks are protesting for their survival, and you're a white dude who isn't sure how to help. What now? I've written you a guide.

White Guyde To The Galaxy


Black folks are protesting for their survival, and you're a white woman who isn't sure how to help. What now? I've written you a guide.

Save the Tears: White Woman's Guide


Static site generators (SSGs) are critical to modern tooling. When used thoughtfully, SSGs can facilitate sites that need something in the middle—in the vast expanse between static, hand-coded sites and dynamic behemoths. In a multi-part guide, I'll show you how to use Eleventy.

Beginner's Guide to Eleventy [Part I]

tutorials Eleventy engineering

Our industry infatuation with abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms might make us lose clarity.

#a11y: Accessible or ironic?

During this time, many of us are thinking of the lockdown as a pause from reality. But what happens to the lives we lead between when reality can reconnect with itself?

In digital suspension

As stewards of performance and accessibility, at the cusp of privilege, we must be the ones to have the conversations tactfully and thoughtfully.

Hubris isn't helpful

Here are 10 reasons why I'd like to see more beginners teach; for yourself, for your future students, for your peers, and for our industry as a whole.

Why beginners should teach