Portrait of me in a space helmet with starry sky backdrop


Insatiably curious.

Tatiana Mac (they/she) is an independent American engineer. They are an open source maintainer who created and are building Self-Defined, a modern dictionary about us; and Devs of Colour, a database that will prioritise finding undiscovered Black/brown talent through a thoughtful search algorithm.

As a consultant, they work directly with organisations to build clear and coherent products and design systems.

An international keynote speaker, Tatiana speaks on the intersection of technology and ethics, examining how our products both fit and define our social and environmental settings. You can view their recorded talks on YouTube.

They believe the trifecta of accessibility, performance, and inclusion can work symbiotically to improve our social landscape digitally and physically. When ethically-minded, she thinks technologists can dismantle exclusionary systems in favour of community-focused, inclusive ones.

Never totally pleased with design tools, they design in browser to bring performant, semantic, and accessible visual narratives into the web. Their current obsessions are optimising variable fonts, converting raster images into to SVGs, and recreating modernist paintings in CSS grid. When Tatiana can successfully :q vim, they find new countries to explore (36 and counting).

Open to remote frontend engineering contracts/roles.