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  • In digital suspension

    During this time, many of us are thinking of the lockdown as a pause from reality. But what happens to the lives we lead between when reality can reconnect with itself?

  • The Shitpost Slowdown

    I save a lot more drafts in my Twitter. I post less. I share some of the things I wanna say to close friends. I slow myself down. I take more time to consider the impact of my actions. I think about how wildly the fire can rage before I light the match.

  • Friendship, though.

    This week changed my life. I left this week without more than 1-2 hours of sleep a night, a voided career future, and far fewer friends. I feel tired in an existential way. It's like someone forgot to plug in my soul for three weeks, but I'm still forced to exist.

  • Check, m8. Tech, h8.

    I contain multitudes, but so many of them don't fit into that little LinkedIn quip that's either your Role at Company or your abstracted identities reduced to 2-3 words. Designer. Writer. Speaker.

  • Twin Flame

    It was as though we were placed into the universe with the same gift to hold a light. We had been granted these gloves that made us capable of holding a scorching flame. And so we could revel in the pass; sharing war stories, but never granted the space and time needed to fall in love properly; at least not with each other.

  • Leave Me To My Hard-Earned Joy

    When you tell me to be more positive, it demonstrates that you cannot perceive the metric tonnes of positivity it took me to get exactly where I am.

  • Sunday

    It's what I evolved to handle. My dual existence, or non-existence, is what gave me immense resilience. But it also made me acutely aware of everything around me. My heightened observational skills are survival mechanisms.

  • Cracked

    But then it happens. The crack goes from its familiar shape to something far scarier, changing states from idle to aggressive. In that fractional moment, I remember why it's dangerous to drive with cracked windshields. It's dangerous because the crack never goes away.

  • Tired

    Because my existence doesn't work that way. I exist in a world of ands and withs, being multitudes and holding opinions that seem like contradictions where more than one truth can exist—it is a world of abundance, of not only resources, but of perspectives and of truths.