THrum Recordings

THrum Recordings promotes the intersection of poetry and music through various collaborations. For branding work, I typically like to conduct a lot of research before I begin sketching. I believe the strongest brands are not overt or obvious forms (so, a wine glass for a winery), but instead elicit deeper core meanings through symbology.

When I begin sketching, I usually pull together client inspiration, my own inspiration, research imagery. The artboard for THrum initially looked something like this:

Because branding work is so personal and abstract, I show two to three distinct concepts in a rough form. The first and second concepts were born out of the various markings to indicate the stress or accent of syllables and of words.


Concept 1


Concept 2

Concept 3

The third concept combined the four basic forms of waves that can be created: triangle, square, sine, and triangle.

The end result combined the color palette of the first concept with the form of the second.