Taco Bell

Taco Bell prides itself on newness and innovation as the cornerstone of their brand. Seizing the devil-may-care attitude of their target adolescent demographic, Taco Bell strives to be the first to adapt new social technologies and push the realm of “what’s possible” for all of their advertising and marketing.

As Taco Bell’s email partner, we wanted to carry this torch of innovation into the email landscape, a historically challenging platform to innovate in due to archaic email clients programming language requirements despite web evolutions. Specifically, for their $1 breakfast campain our team concepted a scrolling email that told a story about three individuals and how their days were affected by their breakfast choices. (Spoiler: The one who chose Taco Bell obviously fared best).

The three characters: Any resemblance to actual persons in my life, living or dead, is purely coincidental 😉

Scrolling in email did not exist (as far as our research/long-time involvement in the community could tell). Since we wanted to create an experience the user wasn’t expecting, the design needed to guide the experience clearly. The end goal was to the user ultimate control over the experience in an intuitive and engaging manner, while being mindful of the experience for users with more limited email clients.

Moodboard: Textures and details from the email

From a branding perspective, we wanted to keep a youthful and playful feel to the email, by illustrating how superior Taco Bell breakfast is without bashing specific competitors. To accomplish this in a humorous way, we chose to elicit the video game, 8-bit aesthetic of the 1980s, bringing in characterizations of common “bad day” challenges.

The outcome of the email was that we successfully executed a scrolling concept in email, something never done before. The audience responded with longer-than-usual read times and positive feedback from the marketing community. If you’re curious about how we created this email, read our blog post at the Litmus blog.

Interact with the live email here.