Brightworks Sustainability

Brightworks Sustainability, one of the nation’s first sustainability consultancies, works with companies to help operationalize sustainability goals and reduce environmental footprints globally.

We relaunched a website that clearly demonstrated their vast gamut of international projects and rich subject matter expertise and provided clearer calls to action for the user to request a proposal.

Brightworks Sustainability homepage design

The website needed to allow for the diverse ways in which their prospective and current clientele could find their work. Some clients were interested in the spectrum of services, whereas others were looking for niche expertise.

As such, the main priority of the design was the project and services pages. Information architecture was the main catalyst behind the design. The sorting function needed to provide access to the hundreds of projects without overloading the user.

The website also needed to connect users to the consultancy more fluidly. To date, most proposals had been funneled directly through Brightworks associates. Organic traffic had no clear means to request information from Brightworks.

The end result provides a richer explanation of Brightworks impactful work to promote sustainable business practices amongst the world’s largest companies.

View the live website here.