South Broke Da Mouth

South Broke Da Mouth is a Southern and Hawaiian pop-up restaurant by Le Pigeon pastry chef, Jaclyn Nakashima, and Little Bird sous chef, Andrew Gordon. Jaclyn and Andrew wanted the pop-up branding to tell the story of two disparate cuisines intersecting: vibrant and casual Hawaiian with classic soulful Southern.

Branding for South Broke Da Mouth

The logo is intentionally imperfect and counterbalances the traditional South with the more relaxed Hawaiian spirit. Anchoring the logo in modern American colors connects the existing two with the third location, Portland, where most of the ingredients were sourced.

Though most avoid juxtaposing blue and red, I ultimately felt the 3D refraction created an effective glow effect that reminded me of the boldness of the Hawaiian color palette.


Unlike most pop-ups, which are waved prix-fixes, South Broke Da Mouth was served à la carte. The menu design needed to reiterate the freeform dining experience thoughtfully. Core ingredients became icons to represent each course.

Icon illustrations for South Broke Da Mouth

Read more about the pop-up in Willamette Week’s review. Follow South Broke Da Mouth on Instagram for the latest.