Luca & Lola

Tangelia Broom is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur who creates and fortifies lifestyle brands. She came to me with her newest concept, a tea and tisane brand called Luca & Lola. We started by creating a brand identity and business cards.

Tea and tisane culture is not as pervasive in Atlanta. We wanted to take the opportunity to educate the audience about the quality experience. The logo needed to reflect the care for product sourcing and processing.

Luca and Lola Brand Identity

For the concept, I opted to take the iconic tea-tag shape as a base and build strong and lyrical typography upon it. The logo reflects the nuanced and detailed nature of teas.

Letterpressed by Oblation

Oblation meticulously handprinted each color on the thickest and pulpiest handmade cardstock. The effect is tactile and elegant.