Bailey’s Yards

Bailey’s Northwest is a boutique yard care company located in the greater Portland, Ore. area that prides itself on organic yard care and carefully curated landscape installations. The owner was seeking to expand his network of clients into higher-end neighborhoods, while maintaining the accessible and friendly feel inherent to the brand.


Initial sketches for Bailey's Northwest


The feel was to be distinctly vintage. We chose to take a handtype/illustrative approach to represent their familiar, inviting one-on-one approach to serving their clients, eliciting farm signage of yore. The color palette, based in warm, earthly tones, gently alludes to the 1970s. A nod to simpler times.



For the business cards, we wanted them to serve an educational purpose. Because yard care is a broad term, we included service offerings on the back side. Understanding the word-of-mouth nature of the industry, the business card could also serve as a means for referral.Bailey's Northwest business card designs